The World Is Flat

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The World Is Flat A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas L. Friedman First published: 2005 Table of Contents • Key Figures • Short Summary (Synopsis) • Thomas L. Friedman - Biography • Genre | | | | Chapter Summaries with Notes / Analysis • Chapters 1 - 4 - How the World Became Flat • Chapters 5 - 9 - America and the Flat World • Chapter 10 - Developing Countries and the Flat World • Chapter 11 - Companies and the Flat World • Chapters 12 - 14 - Geopolitics and the Flat World • Chapter 15 - Conclusion: Imagination Overall Analysis • Structure Analysis • Key Facts • Important Quotations / Memorable Quotes and Analysis Questions • Memorable Quotes Quiz • Vocabulary • Study…show more content…
Friedman shows how, as services and goods become increasingly tradable, more jobs are likely to become outsourced, digitized, or automated. He predicts that untouchable jobs in the new flat world will fall into three, broad categories: people who are “special or specialized” (e.g. Madonna, Michael Jordan, or your brain surgeon); people who are “localized and anchored” (e.g. waitresses, lawyers, plumbers, nurses, etc.); and “the old middle jobs” (e.g. people in the middle class who are under pressure because their jobs are becoming tradable). Friedman explores what he thinks the new middle-class jobs will be in the flat world, calling the people who will occupy those jobs--which he divides into eight categories-- “the new middlers.” The eight categories are: “Great Collaborators and Orchestrators,” “The Great Synthesizers,” “The Great Explainers,” “The Great Leveragers,” “The Great Adapters,” “The Green People,” “The Passionate Personalizers,” and “The Great Localizers.” Friedman outlines four skill sets and attitudes that educators and employers point to as “the right stuff” to make it in the flat world. The first skill set individuals must possess is the ability to “learn how to learn.” The second skill set is what Friedman dubs “CQ + PQ > IQ,” or that curiosity and passion, combined, are more important than intelligence. The third skill set/ attitude Friedman uncovers is “Plays Well with Others.” The final skill set
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