The World Is Flat- the Globalization World in the Twenty First Century- Book Review

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Introduction to International Business Assignment Title: Individual Assignment – Book Review Book title: The World Is Flat- the Globalization World in the Twenty First Century Author: Thomas L. Friedman Introduction ‘The World Is Flat- the Globalization World in the Twenty First Century’ is a well written book by Thomas L. Friedman based on his personal experience, case studies, and etc. He explores the political and technological changes that have made the world a smaller place. From the explosion of the internet to the dot com bubble bust and outsourcing of jobs to India and China, globalization has evened the playing field for many emerging economies. Prominent in Friedman's thesis are the effect of relocating outsourcing jobs…show more content…
Friedman then goes on to the “the triple convergence,” or the way the ten flatteners converged to formed an even flatter global playing field. The first convergence include how the ten flatteners came together in a way that allowed many of the them to work together, to form multiple types of collaborations. The second convergence is the set of business practices and skills that make the most of the flatteners, thus enhancing every potential. The third convergence is the entrance of three billion plus people (India, China, Russia- mainly) onto the playing field which added new brain power and enhanced ‘horizontal’ collaboration across the globe. Analysis Friedman goes on to his second part of the book, “America and the Flat World,” he states that America isn’t and shouldn’t be afraid of this flattening. Free trade is still in their best interest, as long as there are demands, people are required to produce them. He points out that China and India are only racing Americans to the top, thus only promoting higher standards for everyone. From the book, we learn as services and goods become more tradable, more jobs are likely to become outsourced/digitized/automated. He predicts that untouchable jobs in the new flat world will be firstly, the people who are “special or specialized” as in, Celebrities, Doctors & Judges etc. Secondly, the people who are
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