The World Is Not Black And White : Racial Bias

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In the article The World Is Not Black and White: Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot in a Multiethnic Context Implicit racial biases were examined in the decision to shoot potentially hostile targets in a multiethnic context. Results of two studies showed that college aged participants and police officers showed anti-black racial bias in their response times: the participants were quicker to “correctly” shoot armed black men or targets and to indicate “don’t shoot” for unarmed Latino, Asian and white targets. In addition to this, the police officers showed racial biases in response times toward Latino versus Asians or whites, and surprisingly, toward whites versus Asians (Sadler, Correll, Park, Judd, 2012, pg.286). These results also…show more content…
Many officers make their reactions based off of the neighborhoods they are in and in some cases it’s not necessarily the race, but the neighborhood they are in and the crime in that area that could affect their ability to say “don shoot”. Even if the suspect is only reaching for their wallet or inhaler, police officers are more than likely already on defense just because they feel threatened by the area they are in and the circumstances they face. One wrong move could be your last if you’re not careful.
Revie of Stereotypes, Media and Studies

Purpose / hypothesis
The purpose of this article was to examine implicit race biases in the decisions to shoot potentially hostile targets in a multiethnic context. As the country is becoming more diverse, many attempts to address overt and subtle forms of prejudice and discrimination based on race and or ethnicity take on a new importance (Sadler et al., 2012, pg.286). The United States census bureau (2008) think that by 2050, white people will have become the minority. Research on stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination should be increasing its attention to bias toward people of Latino or Asian decent (Martinez, 2007; Peterson & Krivo, 2005). Also, researches should anticipate that the shift of whites from the numerical majority to a minority is likely to strain relations among racial/ethnic groups within the United States (Sadler et al, 2012, pg.287). These two implications or points are gathered
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