The World Is Not Black And White : Racial Bias

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In the article The World Is Not Black and White: Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot in a Multiethnic Context Implicit racial biases were examined in the decision to shoot potentially hostile targets in a multiethnic context. Results of two studies showed that college aged participants and police officers showed anti-black racial bias in their response times: the participants were quicker to “correctly” shoot armed black men or targets and to indicate “don’t shoot” for unarmed Latino, Asian and white targets. In addition to this, the police officers showed racial biases in response times toward Latino versus Asians or whites, and surprisingly, toward whites versus Asians (Sadler, Correll, Park, Judd, 2012, pg.286). These results also showed that the accuracy of decisions to shoot was higher for blacks and Latino targets than for white and Asian targets. Finally the degree of bias shown by police officers toward black as related to contact, attitudes, and stereotypes. Overestimation of community violent crimes correlated with greater bias toward Latinos, but less toward whites. Implications for police training to ameliorate biases are discussed. Even though, the police officers did show racial bias in the testing it was showed that though practice and over time, the amount of racial biasness was less and less each time (Sadler et al., 2012, pg.286). This article shows how your decision making process can be affected if you don’t have the correct amount of time to process and

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