The World Is Not Falling Apart By Steven Pinker And Andrew Mack

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The article, The World Is Not Falling Apart by Steven Pinker and Andrew Mack published by Slate, reminds the world not to focus on the media’s perception of our corrupt world, but rather look closely and evaluate what true measures of violence unfolding each day. Humans’ perception of the world is based off of the media, which states the earth is in a process of deteriorating. However, if one focuses on the trend lines instead of the headline, one would figure out that the world has never been in such a peaceful era. In the article Bill Clinton was recorded stating to “follow the trend lines, not the headlines”, this means to take breakdown what information is being presented to the world each day and simplify it to our own judgments. This article is intended to suggest that people need to wake up from their lethargic routines, and not rely on unreliable sources that only concentrate on the major crimes, not the repetitive ones. Instead of focusing on the dramatic violence the media presents, turn focus on the amount of violence in the world, not the magnitude of the crime. Trend lines; are the rates in a data table either showing a negative slope or a positive one. In this instance, the trend lines of crimes like homicides, rapes, and shooting in the US are on a downwards slope. However, trend lines on the subject are rarely researched because they are no competition for headlines. Headlines are what grasp the worlds attention, even if it’s not true. Headlines create

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