The World Is Not Perfect

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Globalization, by its most primal definition, is extremely beneficial to First and Third world countries alike. Ideally, Globalization would create more jobs in the countries involved, increase trade between nations thus lowering the price of goods, and spread information about the dire effects of sexism, racism etc in order to improve the lives of people being affected by these institutions. However, the truth is that the world is not perfect. The world is currently run by capitalist and racist people who use Globalization as a code word for colonization. The best way to explain the mindsets of many politicians in First world countries would be to compare them to Samuel Huntington. Samuel Huntington had a very Us vs. Them mindset, he believed that the Western world shouldn 't attempt to have harmonious relationships with smaller less developed countries or countries filled with minorities. But instead, should use brute force to dominate these countries in an attempt to have complete control and power over the world. "This" is the mindset that makes globalization so harmful. It is impossible for officials in smaller countries to know the intentions of the most powerful countries before allowing them access to their minute wealth, land, and resources. Also, they risk having their cultures and beliefs being muted and Westernized. With more access to smaller countries, first world countries tend to spread propaganda that makes western ideals seem more desirable while "other"

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