The World Is One That Is Driven By Oil

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Environmental Stewardship The world is one that is driven by oil. The constant thirst for oil is one that will not soon be quenched. With demand growing and supply running low, we are resorting to new ways to get this black gold, no matter the cost. This new source of oil lies in the plains of Canada, more specifically the Provence of Alberta. There, lies a reserve of land that harbors the second largest reserve of oil in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia. This plot of land is the approximate size of Florida. However, unlike most other oil reserves on the planet, instead of simply drilling down into the ground to collect crude oil, the oil is trapped in large amounts of sand. The sand needs to go through a long process where the oil is extracted from the sand. The major debate is over the process in which the oil is extracted. The process is very costly, along with being very damaging to both the environment and the people living around the area. On the other hand, the oil sands hold a much needed resource that simply can not be left there, it must be put to good use, not to mention the amount of money that can be made off of the sands by cooperate billionaires. The question is simple; What is more important, money or the environment? The answer is sadly very simple. Oil is the most used resource on the planet. The world humans have built is an empire built on oil. It is what has allowed us to grow as a population at an exponential rate over the past 100 years or so.
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