The World Is The Virtual World

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INTRODUCTION Virtual World In past, people used to do their works individually or by creating groups. Then they chose those with the best reputation and competencies as their leader in order to prevent conflict and prohibit going the wrong way. Reaching the Electronic era, humans ' works expanded tremendously and went more complicated than ever before. To accomplish works people had to create more expert groups equipped with intelligent assets. For the matter of increasing workability and efficiency groups exploited the idea of using virtual assets such as fax machines, telegraphs, and calls for the betterment of communication. By the time newer and more capable technologies were emerging, work forces found more effective ways to use…show more content…
Key Characteristics of Virtual Project Management Working in virtual environment is consisted of two interrelated components: 1- Virtual Project Management Body of Knowledge (VPMBOK) 2- Virtual Project Management Technology and Tools (VPMTT) The first point simply is about the knowledge base of a project manager in virtual environment and the business intelligence he has. The second point is a complement to the first one which gives the project manager enough information and expertise to select right technologies and work with right tools to implement what he has in mind. Very first thing in VPMBOK is to understand where to use the virtual management model. In respond, when there is a need to work with a group of people which work from different regional locations, different time zones, with different cultures and in some cases with substantial inter-related but independent duties, we apply virtual project management model. Virtual model saves resources and saves time but has its own challenges. For example, when you want to sell your product or service in another state or in another country you have two options; first is to go the traditional way in which you sell the product by sending request to headquarters, headquarter sends order to manufacturing line, manufacturing line ship out product to the market and everyone have direct physical contact. This method has very much bulking and we are into you because of the dependency to real people traveling from one
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