Essay on The World Is so Orderly That God Must Have Created It

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‘The world is so orderly that God must have created it.’ Discuss. The world can be a magnificent place and many would say that it is the most intricate and complex creation to ever exist. There are many examples of ‘order’ and design in the world. Some people believe that these designs are so complex; that they must have been designed for the world to be this way, and that this designer is God. Others oppose this view and believe that the world was not created by God but due to other reasons. Many Christians believe that God created the world in six days because it is stated in the bible. They feel that the world is so ambiguous and intricate that someone must have created it. As they believe that God is the ultimate power of being…show more content…
Therefore, the appearance of design proves the existence of God. On the other hand, many people also believe that the world was not intentionally created or designed by God but was merely an accident. Some people believe in the Big Bang theory and that the universe was created by a massive explosion where it is still expanding till this very day. This is because they feel that not everything that has ‘order’ must have been deliberately arranged to be that way but could have just happened due to natural occurrences. In my opinion, I do not believe that the order in the world is an indication to God’s creation. One of the reasons is that if the world was created by an omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent God, then why is there so much evil and chaos in the world? Another point is that design is not necessarily something that has to have a designer. An example of this is how an embryo is formed. A baby has many intricate features, such as having fingers and toes, eyes, a mouth …etc. But when it was formed at the point of conception, it was not designed to look or be a certain way. The parents of the baby did not design the way the gender of the baby or the way it looked or the way it acted. The creation of the genes of a baby is purely something just occurs by chance; therefore, I do not believe that the world was created by

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