The World Labor Market

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The stabilization of the labor supply created the world market labor (Lecture, February 25, 2014). For example, this resulted in millions of people to come to America and involve themselves in working for our country. However, migrants tend to always get paid little amounts which does not really help them out the way that they need or hope for but they stick around anyways.
In addition, increased migration primarily helps the government’s economic state. For instance, the United States has a large labor market. There are numerous tasks that need to be competed on a daily basis. By hiring migrants they are able to pay them extremely little compared to the profits that are being made. Which means the government’s economy is highly dependent on global workers (Robinson,267). This is why emigrants can be seen as heroes. And they should be treated with decency because dependent countries such as the US cannot afford to lose them (Robinson,267).
In the article by Alejandro Portes, he explains that capital being global and labor being local is nothing new. That the modern world system has grown because of the abroad labor system occurring. (Portes,152). He also mentions that the process of transnational communities in the world system resulted in many advantages. However, he says “those advantages are entirely on the side of those able to...thus turning globalization into the final apotheosis of capital…” (Portes, 152). Overall a global capitalist society secures the economy of
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