The World Movement Into The Anthropocene Era

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Since 1975, society has pushed for greater protection and conservation of depleted areas to reduce the anthropocentric impact on ecology. The need to protect areas from globalisation and “human violence” (Cronon 1995, p.19) is due to the over extraction of natural materials. The overuse of materials from the natural realm has devastating effects on the biodiversity of the land due to the lack of replenishment once resources have been extracted. Berkes (2004) presents this notion of community-based conservation, referring to conservation and development being simultaneously achieved. In theory, this allows the interest of both the natural and human world to be fulfilled although in reality there would be large displacements between the needs of conservation and development (Berkes 2004). The worlds movement into the anthropocene era creates strife between the protection of the environment in contrast to the capitalist influence of development. West et al. (2006) conceptualises nature and culture dichotomy disempowering each other as an ultimatum is presented referring to excluding the anthropocene from the land or placing unrealistic standards in which one must achieve. It is believed that the simultaneous development of the world and protection of nature is achievable although many critics, such as West, demonstrate another truth, being the natural world and the anthropocene cannot co-exist. Sarkar (1999) discusses overconsumption of the wilderness and biodiversity, making

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