The World Museum And The Maritime Museum

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Maritime Museum Like most of my fellow classmates, I found the Maritime Museum lacking in many things. The museum itself was laid out nicely, kid-friendly, interactive and in a beautiful location and building. However, the subject material did not fit the environment and atmosphere the museum created. It 's hard not to compare the Holocaust Museum and the Maritime Museum consider both dealt largely with issues of massive murder and mistreatment of a people group. The museums were massively different. I was slightly concerned and insulted by the room that featured information and artifacts about the British empire and its involvement in the slave trade. I couldn’t imagine children running through the Holocaust museum underneath pictures of mass graves. I could imagine sitting area around the museum where people casually checked their mobiles and chit-chatted with friends. But most importantly I can’t imagine the Holocaust museum giving Nazi Party or the Germans at the time any sort of positive credit about the good that prospered during the time. However, I saw all these things while visiting the Maritime Museum. At one moment as I was looking at a pair of shackles used to keep the slaves from running away, a few children ran past me. I remember wondering if I was a mother if I would allow my children in a museum about slavery at such a young age. Then I thought that the museum wasn’t really that much about slavery anyways. I can not exclude myself as one of the people
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