The World Needs Teams And People Working As A Group

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The true is the world needs teams and people working as a group. It looks a lot difficult to develop many of the experiments humanity have been developing without the cooperation of different hands or without discussions caused by distinct point of view. Even in basic things people need to feel that they are sharing a goal. There is not point if 10 doctors go into a surgery to save the patient’s life and they are not synchronizing to do the procedure. There are no ways to win a war if the soldiers are no fighting for the same propose. There is plenty of risk if a flight crew work separated following different instructions. These are just few examples to recognize the important role played by teams in society. However, teams and teamwork…show more content…
Due to the fact, there are successful and unsuccessful teams, organizations are in today’s world hurry and they have the compromise to deliver projects on time and make them fit in a budget suggested. That is one reason why companies use teamwork’s in order to achieve their compromise at time and with the successful required. However, not always working as a team is the answer. There is a phenomenon called “team scaling fallacy” where it was noticed that increasing team size can lead into loosing coordination and demotivation between team members, this is due to the miscommunication when information is passed through many people and the interpretation is different. Another factor than can lead to the phenomenon is the risk of conflicts among team members, like the suppression of ideas in order to promote their own. Finally the division of responsibilities that can be seen as an efficiency factor, can be a disadvantage at the moment of integrate the work. In conclusion teamwork is an important tool for the challenges organizations are facing, but when a good researching, planning and organization is not made, those teams can face some problems, such as the phenomenon mentioned before that can lead into unsuccessful develop of the problem

In organization there are many things that conform success teams, managers need to deal not just with the company’s global vision but with every individual’s vision. In order to
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