The World Of 2015 : Is The United Nations Still Relevant?

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Written Assignment – International and Development Studies

The tools of 1945 in the world of 2015: is the United Nations still relevant?

Name: Aulad Hossain
Student ID: 0080437224
Group: FHLC
Submission date: 7 May 2015

The United Nation was created in 1945. It is an international organisation of sovereign states which was created as a respond to World War II. It is an improved version of the League of Nations as the league failed the United Nation was created to suit the circumstances and International relations of 1945. The United Nations goal is to find solutions to issues, conflicts and crisis. The UNs central roles were given to the leaders of the wartime alliance in the forum for collective security.
The UN kept few
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Second is the general assembly which has representatives from all member countries, 193 members today. And the third is the Specialist agencies such as the IMF, World Bank, etc. This essay is based on the importance of the United Nation and how much it is helpful.
My very first point would be the increased number of members in the United Nation, it started with 51 members and now it has 193 members, if the United Nation was not beneficial, than there would never be such an increase in the number of countries joining the UN. The League failed because the worlds powerful state USA was not there and most of the member countries had shown aggression and later left which weakened the League, but the UN has USA and all the other powerful states of the world. Today after 70 years of UN being established it had accomplished a lot of achievements which have made the world a better place today. I would like to highlight the most successful missions of the United Nations, starting with World Food Program, the UN WFP has overcome hunger problems for many countries all over the world. The WFP is known as the most influential and important body of the UN. Every year UN provides foods to 104 million people to over 80 countries worldwide where the food reaches the people on the war areas, poor counties, people who are hit by natural disasters and many
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