The World Of A Capitalistic Society

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Living in a capitalistic society, we are constantly bombarded with the notion of buying from large brand named corporations in order to save money. But I bring up the question, is this really helping you and your family in the end, or the billionaires living at the top? Large corporations allow for small businesses to essentially diminish before our very eyes. While buying from stores such as Walmart, Target, and Home Depot, you are stripping away business production that can be done here on American soil. As our economy is depleting itself and we extend ourselves higher into debt, the only people we have to blame are the consumers. By buying from local produce stands and farmers markets, we cut the cost of travel time and the resources needed to get to the store. Buying local can also bring money into the community while the food is healthier and fresher for the family to enjoy. As times grow tough for American families, we are constantly in search for products to fit our needs, while also fitting the bill. What numerous consumers don’t realize is that by spending a few extra cents on vegetables or clothing made in the community, we are not only providing an income for our people but we can become sustainable as well. Sustainability is key to becoming a prosperous nation. By cutting our dependence off of major countries like China, this will not only bring back jobs but also decrease the vast trade deficit we have with these global competitors. As most people are often
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