The World Of Architecture And Design

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Meaningful space, what is its relevance in the world of architecture and design?
A meaningful space originates from the hierarchy of form rather than aesthetic emotion. Materials we use now are for strength not for meaningful form, spaces haven’t found position of order, integration is a way of nature and adjoining servant spaces identifies the essence of space. (A selection of Architectural Manifestos, n.d) Le Corbusier believed architecture, sculpture and painting are dependent on space, as he discussed in his manifesto ‘Ineffable Space’ in 1948. (Gargiani Roberto, Rosellini Anna 2011) Louis Kahn, on the other hand, had a different view. In 1965-69 in his writing of ‘Architecture is the thoughtful making of spaces’ Kahn suggests that meaningful form characterises space. (A selection of Architectural Manifestos n.d) Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers for modern architecture and Kahn, one of the most influential architects from the 20th Century, had two very differing interpretations of what creates a significant space. Both Architects had great influence on the world of architecture and design, and still their concepts are being discussed and stimulate design today. (Oxford University Press n.d)
Kahn states that the materials we now use in architecture are known for their strength, not their meaningful use of form. The use of steel and concrete confront us; their characteristics must be in harmony with the spaces that want to be and evoke what spaces can be. A space in…
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