The World Of Blood Red Snow

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First was something like an ocean of blood, deep dark red. It covered everything and the sky was also red, but a dark red.
Then were the clouds that covered the sky, not red, dark grey, a dark, dark grey. And out of the clouds shoots electricity.
The electricity was like lightning. Bolts shot quickly, mercilessly. Down to the water, making title waves were ever it struck.
In the middle of everything was someone. Someone laughing. Stranded out on an island in the ocean of blood. Laughing with a device in his hands.
The storm went on and the ocean lapped up against cliffs. Strange rocky cliffs.
They towered up higher than the clouds. And going up to the top there was a beautiful and magnificent city, which looked to be made of gold glowing in the red sunlight, for even the sun had turned to blood red.
The city was covered in blood-red snow.
Standing on the edge of the cliff looking down at the storm was a single man. Tall and strong in build, he was looking down on the storm his emotions unreadable. But none the less he was watching something.
The storm continued on below and a figure rose from the water.
His arms held high, controlling the chaos. Everything that was happening at his command… or was it?
There was another force at play.
The figure was simply a boy; silky black hair was uncontrollable flying in the wind. He face was covered in scratches. His clothing was torn to shreds. He was covered in caked in dried blood.
But what were most strange were his eyes. They were…
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