The World Of Business And Politics

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The world of business and politics uses leader traits and behaviors, and takes a first step toward an integrative theory of how leader traits and behaviors influence leadership effectiveness. There are processes to accomplish this, which are followed by a three-stage process. First, based on a narrative review of the literature, a conceptual model is developed that organizes the current literature and models how leader traits and behaviors affect leadership effectiveness. Second, the relative validity is tested of select leader traits and behaviors using a combination of previously published meta-analytic data and new meta-analyses. Third, an investigation is done with an exemplary set of relationships from our conceptual model to see if leader behaviors are one possible mechanism through which individual traits influence leadership effectiveness (Derue, Nahrgang, Wellman, Humphrey, 2011). These processes identify great leaders and leaders that are not so great. A description and analysis of leadership traits, behaviors and attitudes will be answered in this paper. Leadership definition Leadership can be defined as the ability to inspire confidence and support among people who are needed to accomplish organizational goals. Broadly speaking, leadership deals with interpersonal aspects of a manager’s job, whereas planning, organizing, and controlling deal with administrative aspects. This important role deals with change,…
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