The World Of Civilization By Jean Baker Miller

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Mother Culture
Throughout the generation, it has been evident that society is made up of a variety of people with distinct characteristics. Each person had a their own personality, a unique style, and their own flavor of what they liked or disliked. However, these aren’t traits that people are simply born with. These were traits that people developed as they matured through the course of their own lifetime. While psychological traits like personality live among our society, It should be noted that physical traits of race, class and gender yields an equal, if not, a higher status of importance in our culture. Most importantly, it’s these three articles of humanity that classifies an individual’s place in the world of civilization. In an article by Jean Baker Miller, the idea of inequality among society is presented. According to him there are two types of inequality which is temporary inequality and permanent inequality. The main difference of the two is that temporary inequality enables “the journey from unequal to equal” while permanent inequality discourages this idea. To further explain this, an example of temporary inequality is the relationship between doctor and patient because the patient is encouraged to make a full recovery which is enabling “the journey from unequal to equal”. On the other hand, permanent inequality may include stereotypes that describes “blacks … less intelligent than whites”, or that “women are supposed to be ruled by emotion”. Essentially,
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