The World Of Collegiate Athletics

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The world of collegiate athletics was founded upon the ideals of commercialism and is filled with talented athletes that contain tremendous amounts of potential. Unfortunately, in order to bring in revenue that serves as crucial funding for their universities nationwide, the NCAA exploits the talent of these players and justifies this action by assuming the disguise of “amateurism” while also managing to adopt an indistinct version of professionalism. Instead, the NCAA spends portions of its revenue in order to renovate sports facilities and pay members of the coaching staff rather than providing compensation for the main sources of its revenue-- the players and the attention that their athletic talents bring to this organization. By…show more content…
By regarding participation in collegiate athletics as a hobby, the NCAA is subtly discrediting both the hard work and dedication of college athletes. In their defense, the association of college athletics with the word amateurism is believed to call these athletes to also put an emphasis on their education. Even though collegiate athletics appear to be managed under the principles of amateurism and call athletes to focus on their education, it doesn’t necessarily mean that most of these athletes actually want to emphasize education more than athletics. As talented individuals, college athletes work hard in order to provide success for their respective teams and to properly ensure their own success at the next level. Not only does an education that is forced upon some of them detract from their athletic aspirations, but it also makes it highly infeasible for them to sustain a job that regular college students have the chance to partake in. That is why a small form of compensation from the NCAA would not only reward them for the mass amounts of revenue that they bring in, but it would also provide a source of income that could only be obtained if these athletes were able to pursue job opportunities. The power of athletic directors throughout the NCAA and their focus

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