The World Of Columbus And Sons Summary

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History is dead. And it tells of remembrances of the past. It speaks of lives that were once led, breath that was once breathed. In her book, The World Of Columbus and Sons, Genevieve Foster rejuvenates that breath. She brings to life the people who have added a stitch to what the world is today. She delves into the lives of historical figures from the mid fifteenth century to early sixteenth century, and sheds light on all aspects of their lives. She paints a picture of not only famous events, but also the people that made up the events. The events that take place during the book circulate around the lifetime of renowned explorer, Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus, born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy, lived in a period of exploration and new beginnings. People were just beginning to speculate if the sun truly did revolve around the sun, as was the common theory. Though the discovery was …show more content…

Foster brings emphasis upon the benefactors of Columbus’s explorations: Isabella I of Castile and her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon, rulers of Spain. She explains of the turmoil Isabella endured by her brother while waiting for the crown all the while sprinkling in passages about the Wars of the Roses occurring in England between the two royal houses of Lancaster and York. While exploring the ways of European royalty by journeying through lives, I was struck by the system of arranged marriages. Kings and Queens would arrange the marriages of their children with the royalty of other countries to serve as treaties between borderlines. Often, children were promised to those who were tens years or more their senior or junior, such as the case of Henry VIII’s younger sister, Mary Tudor. Mary was betrothed at age eighteen to the recently widowed 52-year-old Louis XII of France. This marriage was arranged as an act of peace that settled any rivalry between France and

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