The World Of Constant Connections

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Alone together In our world of constant connections, are we actually more alone than ever? I cannot begin to tell you how many experiences I have had where I go into a restaurant and see a family in a booth. They aren’t talking to each other though, no, they are all on their cell phones. All of them clicking away, texting, facebooking, and blogging. Their heads down, completely ignoring one another in exchange for their virtual existence. The way we use our phones today is less of a necessity and more of a compulsion. We plug in and are immediately immersed in a virtual reality that is in most ways better than our own. And we get attached to the feeling of being someone else, of living a different life. Because of this our generation has the biggest problems with things like the ability to converse, cyber bullying and addictions to technology. Several studies have shown that teens and young children that use excessive amounts of social media are becoming less and less able to communicate and convey their emotions in a constructive way. This technology is ruining the art of conversation. In one article a teacher said she 's noticed that more students tend to avoid eye contact and have trouble with the basics of direct conversation — habits that, she says, will not serve them well as they enter the real world. What’s wrong with conversation then? Why are teens so averse to it? Most students say that they hate face to face interactions because it takes place in real time, and
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