The World Of Digital Marketing

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The world of digital marketing constantly changes and evolves. In an effort to stay ahead of competitors, every marketer tries to predict the future of the industry. For this reason, as 2015 draws to a close, we’ve decided to discuss the future of SEO and content – one of its thorniest problems.

This time we invited to our webinar a talented web strategist – Andy Crestodina, who has more than 15 years of experience in design and web marketing. Andy is the cofounder of Orbit Media, as well as an adviser, speaker, content marketer, author, and environmentalist.

If you want to know how to adapt your content for the upcoming year, watch this webinar now!

The five following five tactics will help you achieve great results in web
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Be sure to write all of them down as well.

A regular user of the SEMrush Organic Research report, Andy also recommended using this tool. Enter a website that ranks high for your phrase in the search bar, then click “Positions,” and you’ll see the search rankings for that domain. You can filter this report to see only the phrases related to your topic. Then you can write them down.Semantic SearchNow you have a whole list of words and phrases that are semantically linked to your topic. You can cross out those that you’ve already used in your article. This will give you more ideas about what to add to your post.


Adapt to semantic search:

Find the words and phrases that are semantically linked to the phrase you are targeting.
Use those phrases in your content.
Digital Assistance, Natural Language

This topic is becoming more important as more people are using digital systems (e.g., Google Now and Apple’s Siri).

Voice-based queries have a different nature. They tend to be longer phrases, complete sentences, and questions.Natural LanguageTo optimize your content for the future of SEO, you have to pay attention to how people are searching, because this also changes. People are now “talking” to their devices.

To adapt your content you should use natural language. And to adapt to a natural language search, you should use sentences that provide both questions and
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