The World Of E Sports

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An arena full of cheering fans. The air is tense as the timer ticks down. A team is victorious! The crowd stands and cheers. The winning team is handed a trophy as viewers at home share the experience on ESPN. Most would picture a basketball tournament, but this scenario is one I personally witnessed at the Halo 5 World Championship at the Winter X-Games. The world of e-sports, where teams compete in popular online or console games, such as “League of Legends” and “Halo” and viewed by fans, is part of the mainstream culture of gaming. Gaming started in 1972 when Pong was introduced on an arcade platform. A new form of entertainment was created and its popularity quickly evolved gaming into a new subculture. Further advancements in newer…show more content…
This is more a stereotype than a true representation. (Gaming as Culture: Essays on Reality, Identity and Experience in Fantasy Games by J. Patrick Williams, et al, page 147) Although these characteristics may influence what type of games a person may play, a typical gamer can actually be anybody, due to the vastness of gaming options which appeal to all ages and personalities. Central to the classification of a typical gamer is the gender debate. Although casual game play is split almost evenly between male and female, the vast majority of professional players are men. As T.L. Taylor, an MIT sociologist who studies the culture of computer gaming points out, the stereotypes about gender and gaming tend to mask a more complex reality. "If you look at the variety of devices and genres out there, women are very regularly playing all kinds of games," Taylor says. "But high-end competitive play is deeply segregated. There are a lot of fraught gender issues there, not unlike traditional sports." ( There have been a couple of competitive teams that involve only women, but one does not typically see a woman playing amongst other men on an eSports team.
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