The World Of India And China

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The countries with the two largest populations in the world are India and China. This leads us to wonder how they became so populated and how they became countries. With these two countries we can analyze two major dynasties of their early civilization the Mauryan Empire from India and the Qin (Ch’in) Dynasty. The start of India’s long civilization dates back to the third and fourth millennia, when the Harappan society was thriving. This society was a large diverse society that covered a vast area of 600,000 sq. miles. Then around 1500 BCE the Harappan civilization collapsed in which is still a mystery today. After the fall of the Harappan civilization, a nomadic group came in none as the Aryans. They settled in India around 1500 BCE. Then by 330 BCE the Greeks had conquered the land. The Greeks had a short reign in India before the Mauryan Empire. The Mauryan Empire arose to power around 324 BCE. In China there were two Dynasties before the Qin Dynasty, Shang and Zhou. The Shang Dynasty dates back the sixteenth century BCE. The Shang Dynasty lasted until the eleventh century BCE when it was over thrown by the Zhou Dynasty. Zhou was the longest lasting dynasty in China history in which it lasted for 800 years. The Zhou dynasty fell because of the power of the king became insignificant and several of their principalities broke off to form powerful states. The fall of the Zhou Dynasty gave rise to the Qin dynasty in China around 221 BCE. The Mauryan Empire and
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