The World Of Industrialized And Glamorized Pornography

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Hot Young Girl Screwed Hard… By Society In the past few decades, what has been commonly said to be the world’s oldest profession—sex work—has quickly developed to match the growth and demand of modern media. Mainly, this accounts for the rise of internet pornography. While the increase in availability and ease of access has opened doors to frustrated, stressed, and plain old bored individuals looking for relief, but at what cost? It sells, and it sells well. Unfortunately, it also sells out. Sex is an industry, with pearl necklaces hiding under starched white collars. Corporations worldwide have capitalized and cashed in on one of the most primal of human desires, and like most things under a corporate agenda, the system and product are both decidedly flawed. The world of industrialized and glamorized pornography leads to unrealistic expectations of the act of sex and standards of viewer’s bodies. The common themes of violence, humiliation, and deprecation, usually aimed towards women, furthers institutionalized misogyny in society. Finally, many areas of pornography boast and encourage immoral, corrupt, and downright illegal premises and actions. These include (but are in no way limited to) abuse of actors, access to child and underage porn, and ‘revenge’ porn. All of these things add to making a concept that has so much potential to be an aid to many for experimentation and learning to be comfortable with their sexuality into something

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