The World Of Jane Austen 's Sense And Sensibility Essay

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Society, courtship and communication in Sense and Sensibility
In the world of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, sense is given such a high social governance on all expression, both emotionally and simply conversationally. This occurs even to the point where it is found widely in courtship, which is also heavily regulated and controlled by tradition and the possible stigmatized backlash from not following convention. It can also be found that conversation has a distinction on what is acceptable vs not acceptable to be verbalized or expressed. In order to thrive and operate in this environment, individuals learn to use the polite ritual of conversation to their advantage on a regular basis. In particular, the use of emotion in society when it comes to courtships and relationships is interesting to explore. Women become the gatekeeper of their relationships, in this sense. The social expectations can operate as a double-edged sword in the safeguarding of an individual’s reputation, and by extension in this time, their future, while still being extremely restrictive and ultimately limiting their freedoms and choices. Elinor is a character who we see meeting and falling into these expectations from the start of the novel and after much patience and diligence, she ends the novel happily. Her sister, Marianne, eventually does as well, after a rocky journey to that point along the way.
It is easy to see in the novel that there are certain ways that one must simply operate in
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