The World Of Our World

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We are told from birth that all seven of us are like islands. We have no connection and no communication. Each of our islands has the SC, Superior Class, the TC, Traditional Class and the GC or Ground Class. “The only thing you ever need to know is the information that SC has.” We are told to spread that information and only that information, and if we do not, we are warned that punishment will come.
Our world revolves around our internet, and SC is all knowing. So they give us all the information we will ever get and ever need through the internet. Everyone in TC does the same thing everyday. There is no change and no excitement in our lives beside the news that we receive in the morning from SC. I slipped out of bed in my all white silky night gown, and I treked slowly to my front door. No one ever knocks, and there is no doorbell, but every morning there was something. Some days it was a new computer; other days it was a notifier, a small screen that plays a message through the internet after it does a facial and retinal scan. That day I had gotten a drive. The drive was probably the most low tech and oldest way of giving information that we still had. It was a small chip, about the length and width of your pinky nail. It had a small speaker and microphone in it that would give you some basic instructions and make you go through a short security check.
I grabbed the drive off of my doorstep. The drive had projected loudly as soon as I had picked it up, “Please speak:
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