The World Of Social Media Essay

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Welcome to the marvelous world of social media –where today youth live in a creative identity to an audience who have also promoted a different personality. Were young peoples’ are living and growing up with a global society’s culture changing what they do and who they are. Adolescence are learning to construct their ideal self. These devices compel teenager to a whole new world state of the self, devices and apps becoming part of young people lives. A generation were checking in and posting the location of their next citation, taking pictures of their meal, or most common snapping a selfie, is most important that the moment. These devices are shaping and expressing the revision of teenager identity and where they stand in the society global culture. The device one carries around promotion and presentation a person differently. Who we are is often different than who we really are on the internet. Teenager are creating the ideal self, what they believe is appropriate according to the societal standpoint. Promoting our self what we want others to see. “I believe who we are on the Internet is not a true showing of who we are actually are as a person “added Greg Cistulli. When a person promotes their self ideally their bragging who they are and what they want others to be jealous of. Tending to promote their self creates a representation of who they want to be. Creating a sense of belonging to the social media world. Their adapting
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