The World Of The 21st Century And The Current State Of Humanity

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Week 1
Title: Week 1 Being human in the 21st century & The current state of humanity
Overview: What does it mean to be human, what distinguishes us from other creatures?
Humans have many virtues that other creatures do not. Those are such like Creativity, Consciousness Personality, Abstract Thinking, moral Judgments, and Sociality. Other than Biological factors such as an up-right posture, humans and animals are totally different. It is because humans are created in the way that they are given the free will of choice; a choice to do whatever they want/need to. This resulted to a new dimension of behavior that is seen in humans as to animals.
There is a great debate on whether humans and animals are alike in terms in the existence of a
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An animal does feel happy, sad, scared and motivated. Really? Or is that the description from the observations of mankind? For that question, no one can answer. It is understood that humans are mainly in the state of emotion in today’s existence. A human can feel sad or happy in life. Behind sad when someone passed away and happy when a new baby is born. It is different for an animal. From being “sad” or may be “a sigh” when a hatchling got eaten up by a predator; or being “happy” or may be “delighted” for having an abundance of food for their survivability. This is the differences between the various types of Personalities between humans and animals.
There are more to explain about the differences but I would like to close on this last point. The judgments of morality are totally different. When a human feels happy or sad, they behave that way not only to ensure survivability of their race, but of the needs and wants of humans. An animal’s judgments of morality may actually just feel ‘scared’, ‘defensive’ or ‘motivated’ just to ensure their survivability. An animal do not feel guilty when killing a prey but when a human kills some other human, the feeling of guilt exist in him. Humans carry on their lives questioning whether is it a right or wrong thing to do whereas an animal does not but just solely on their survivability of their race.
These are just some of what distinguishes humans from other creatures. What are your opinions on it?

Week 2
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