The World Of The Earth

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Wave are nothing to the universe, but to us it is a monster. We have no way to escape. Our home will be destroyed just by one wave in a few second. Our family, significant one, friends, and all our joy will be buried under dirt and bricks. Things that we own will be gone, and dreams will be out of reach. Nobody will forget the year 2004; The scenery Indian Ocean Bay has become a hell to those who come for the tours, they no longer have the opportunity to return to their family. That day the earth was angry that she rolled up the waves with the amazing power to erode the Sumatra coast. Hundred thousands of unprepared lives instantly disappear. Heaven suddenly became a hell. The bodies of the victims are everywhere. Brave people are looking…show more content…
Tsunami can be divided into three categories: earthquake tsunami, volcanic tsunami, landslide tsunami. Earthquake and tsunami is the seabed earthquake, the rapid changes in the seabed terrain caused by strong sea water disturbance. Natural disasters are interrelated; often a disaster can induce another disaster. For example, volcanoes and earthquakes can induce tsunamis
The volcano is a common form of landform. Under the crust 100 to 150 kilometers, there is a "liquid area" with high temperature and high pressure gas containing volatile components of the molten silicate material, magma. Once magma rushed out of the surface from the weak crust it becomes lava, then a volcano form. Volcanoes are divided into "active volcanoes", "dead volcanoes" and "dormant volcanoes". “Active volcano” is erupting or is expected to erupted once again. “Dormant volcanoes”, even live but not now erupted, and volcanoes that may be erupted in the future can also be called active volcanoes. “Dead volcano” is last eruptions that have been long ago and proved to be erupting volcanoes in the foreseeable future, known as extinguished volcanoes or dead volcanoes. Volcanic eruption is a bad thing, supposedly people should stay away from the volcano that may be the outbreak. However, things are very strange, often the distance from the volcano, the population is denser. Volcanic ash is very fertile and conducive to the development of agricultural production,
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