The World Of The Eastern Hemisphere

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Before the renowned expeditions of Christopher Columbus, or Ferdinand Magellan, the Polo family were the original explorers whose triumphs and success stories inspired future travelers to discover the unknown world of the Eastern hemisphere. During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, Europe was in need of an intervention, something to bring life to the dull communities throughout the continent. Marco Polo brought exactly this, and contributed so much more with his travels across the world, bringing back religious morals, new spices, new languages, and new commercial goods that were never heard of before. Although his intention might not have been as significant as his impact, the obstacles he encountered and traversed through as written throughout his book, sparked an interest and desire for international trade and traveling for Europeans to come. His unique spark and impressive capabilities proved he was a tough man, especially with the voyages he survived, the diseases he avoided, the country he governed, the bandit ambushes he fought, and imprisonment he endured. Not only was he able to document his journey to various places, but he was also able to spread his experience throughout Europe, thereby immortalizing his name.
Although Marco Polo was an exquisite explorer of his time and age, his wealthy merchant father Niccolo and his uncle Matteo had originally introduced him to the world of the East with their trading with the Middle East and pilgrimage to the great
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