The World Of The European Union Essay

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“The euro is our common fate, and Europe is our common future.” - Angela Merkel (Castle and Dempsey, 2010) Germany’s place in the European Union is often seen as one of power and Germany gaining many benefits from being part of the interconnected Europe. Even though Germany has some gains from being in the EU, it also has had some restraints placed on its sovereignty and ability to truly rise as a power in the region. The historical toll that the two world wars had on Europe has left a distinct mark on foreign policy, domestic policy, and national identity for many European nations. Germany, in particular, struggles with the implications of its dark past of imperialism and nationalism, and continues to face challenges as it moves forward into its modern era. It must reassure European nations that it is not a threat to the interconnected Europe and constantly prove its commitment to peace. Germany’s historical precedent continue to shape policy decisions regarding the economy, hegemony within the EU, and the refugee crisis. Historical tensions between Germany and other European countries are often re-iterated in Germany’s economic policy. Even though Germany is often referred to as “Europe’s economic powerhouse” (Veselinovic and Pisa, 1) as the country “ranks as the world 's fourth largest economy, with one of the lowest unemployment rates, and one of the highest literacy rates in the world” (Veselinovic and Pisa, 1), it still faces tangible costs by being a part of the

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