The World Of The Gospels A Miracle

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Miracle stories were accepted by ancient people as possible. The divine interacted with human kind. This contrasts with the contemporary scepticism about the sacred or the possibility of miracles. In the light of scientific, data driven, technological preoccupation, miracles seem to be unnecessary. The gap between humankind and the divine has widened to the point of being irrelevant, unnecessary or non-existent. However, in the world of the gospels a ‘miracle’ was anything that caused people to wonder (Latin miraculum to wonder; mirari to wonder at) or be in awe. According to John Meier (A marginal Jew, Vol 2:512) a miracle is “an unusual startling or extraordinary event that is in principle perceivable by any interested and fair minded observer, and event that finds no reasonable explanation in human abilities or in other known forces that operate in our world of time and space and an event that is the result of a special act of God, doing what no human power can do”. There are two elements to a miracle one which causes wonder, one that is extraordinary phenomenon that is inexplicable in terms of familiar, everyday causation. This is ascribe to a superhuman force. What demarcates the ‘extraordinary’ varies from people to people, culture to culture and age to age.
In the NT miracle accounts are not unique in the Greco-Roman world. What was distinguishable in their reference to the divine; they are attributed not to deities in a polytheism but to the one God of the Jewish
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