The World Of The Holocaust

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Since the beginning of civilization, man has attempted to rule, belittle, and destroy other men. One of the most appalling and prolific examples of this is the genocide know as the Holocaust. All over the world religions usually teach that all of civilization is equal and that we should all be cordial with each other, but monstrosities like Adolf Hitler broke those sacred laws. The Holocaust was a time period where a set of people were persecuted. While they were being persecuted World War Two was used as a smokescreen to conceal the horrors of the Holocaust. What lead to the Holocaust was Nazi ideology. Nazi ideology lead to the deaths of millions,and the ones that survived were left with permanent physical and mental scars. One person that was forever scarred for life was Gerda Weissman Klein.She was born in Bielsko, Poland, a town known for its textile industry. During the Holocaust, she was sent to Gross-Rosen camp system where she was treated like a slave and often told she was nothing. All the while she remained strong and not worthless, contradicting Hitler’s views.
Adolf Hitler was driven by one thought, that if you were a Jew you were worthless, vile, and needed to be eradicated. His way of thinking became known as Nazi ideology. For example, Hitler stereotyped that all Jews were the same. “About two out of every three Jews living in Europe before the war were killed in the Holocaust. When World War II ended in 1945, six million European Jews were dead; more than
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