The World Of The Holocaust

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Disheartening is not even a word tragic even to describe the Holocaust. The Holocaust affected the lives of millions because of the hate inside of the Nazi’s. Why would the Nazi’s do this? This is a question almost nobody can answer. What we do know are the effects of the Holocaust; specifically, on the child survivors of the Holocaust. The Holocaust created a struggle with interpersonal relationships, psychological difficulties, and caused child survivors and their families have a drive for resilience. Most people could say the Holocaust bring feelings of empathy for the casualty who went this tragic event, and feel anger toward the extremist.
Although many contributed to the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler remains viewed as the main catalyst.
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“Ten years later, it would also be in Nuremberg, now nearly destroyed by British and American heavy bombing, where surviving prominent Nazi leaders were put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

The third stage of the Holocaust was Kristallnacht in 1938 were Nazi officials set a nationwide campaign against the Jewish population, and sent them to prisons. Kristallnacht, better known as the “Night of Broken Glass”, was when Jews were forced out of their homes, and put into tragic ghettos. Ghettos were located in the Polish Frontier, and Jews were forced to reside here. Jews weren’t allowed to vote, leave the area around their ghetto because some signs read “No Jews Allowed”. “During World War II, Hitler and the Nazis implemented their so-called “Final Solution” what they referred to as the “Jewish problem,” and carried out the systematic murder of some 6 million European Jews in what came to be known as the Holocaust.”
The fourth stage major of the Holocaust was the Final Solution, and the deportations throughout Europe. Nazis systematically rounded up Jews and transported them through Europe to death camps in Eastern Europe. Nazi officials finally agreed to move forward to kill almost all Jews, by putting them in death camps. This is when the deportations of Jews throughout Europe began. Almost six million Jews died, like Hitler wanted. He became a little satisfied; although, there was still thousands of
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