The World Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was started on January 30th, 1933 and lasted all the way until May 9th, 1945. Nearly 6 million people jews were killed during this time. This event occurred mainly in Germany and Poland which are both countries in Europe. Many witnesses wrote about their experience and their life during this time.. They also said that the holocaust said did not start off quickly but gradually raised. It started off after the 1939 invasion of Poland when many Jews became imprisoned and the Germans planned to kill all Jews. The Holocaust was a terrifying time during the 1900s and only a few people who survived wrote about their life during that time.
The first person who witnessed the holocaust was David Rubinowicz. He was born in Kielce,
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A couple months later was an amazing day for David. It wasn’t until June 1 when David finally got to see his father again. He has been praying and waiting for this day and it finally happened. David heard a truck coming and decided to go take a look. Once he saw the truck he could see his father waving happily. He says, “No one can imagine our joy, only someone who’s been through the same experience will understand (Boias, 37).” This shows just how happy and excited to be able to see has dad again.
The next person who wrote about their experience was Yitzhak Rudashevski. He was born on December 10, 1927 and was about six years old when the Holocaust began but did not start writing his diary until he was 13. His dad worked at yiddish daily newspaper as a typesetter and his mom was a seamstress. Yitzhak was also Jewish and suffered much of the same things that David did. Yitzhak wasn’t a scared little boy as you would think, he was actually a very brave and courageous man. He says, “And so we shall retaliate, and strike until we smash the aggressor on his own soil (Boas, 42,43).” This shows how courageous he actually is. He doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of him or his family. If he believes in something he will try his best to stand up for what he believes in.
During this time of the holocaust Yitzhak was more ashamed of everything rather than scared of what 's going on. He always

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