The World Of The Middle East

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Fundamental ideas to bring them closer
Palestinian Arabs, and the Nazi political leaders were both adamantly against international Jewry. The Mufti as early as 1933 enthusiastically expressed his support of the Nazi party’s anti-Jewish policies, and requested that Germany no longer send its Jews to Palestine. the Mufti is the most recognized Arab collaborator with Nazi Germany, however other influential Arab and Muslim political leaders held similar fundamental beliefs to those of the Nazis, one example of such leaders was Hassan al-Banna. Al-Banna was a school teacher and scholar who was an avid supporter of Hitler because of their mutual hatred for the Jewish people, and western culture. In 1928 al-Banna at the age of 22 founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
It is important to note that Nazism cannot be fully held responsible for the way things have panned out for the Middle East. Though it is evident that the Middle East was somewhat manipulated by the Nazi regime, many of the views they have in common steamed organically.
Nazi Feeling towards the Middle East
Understanding how the Nazi’s and the middle east felt about one another is fundamental in understanding how they have impacted one another the opinion held by Adolf Hitler of the middle east was….. From 1936 on there was a great effort to through propaganda to win over the Middle East.
Though Hitler by no means saw the people of the Middle East as his equals he, along with his military leaders saw that his
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