The World Of The Middle Of America

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The first inhabitant of America continent were the First Nation people who, according to archaeological evidence, have been living on this land since 11,000 BC (Stasiulis and Jhappan 99). They were completely adapted to the local climate, topography, and ecology of the lands they were living in (Stasiulis and Jhappan 100) in the best way possible. With the transformation of Europe, many European traveled to other parts of the world, which Canada is one of those places. As the European ships landed on the east of Canada they started to construct a hierarchy social structure with the importance on race, culture, and gender, (Stasiulis and Jhappan 119) which privileges Whites. After years of oppressing First Nation, White people wanted Frist Nations to understand that What Whites have done was in favor of them because they didn’t know what is good for them. However, what Whites did was nothing but profitable themselves. Whites took the First Nations land, which was the place the lived, and claimed is as their own. They tried to extinguish the First Nations by Whitening them and forcing the First Nations to culture, language, and religion of themselves. They marginalized the role of First Nations’ women in the society and took their power out of their hands. They wanted to civilize the Fist Nation by entering them into agriculture; therefore they aided the First Nations with the low quality supplies and lands, further not letting them to sell their harvests. Land for First
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