The World Of The Second World War

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The Second World War left the world in a very terrible state. World economies were struggling, and the population grew, demanding a better life from its leaders. The side that won ended up dividing the world again into two parts or more. The United States, the United Kingdom, France and West Germany ended up forming the western bloc. Russia, or as it was called during that period, the Soviet Union, took control of East Germany, and much of eastern Europe as part of a settlement plan between the winning Allied forces. They were referred to as the Eastern Bloc. These two regional groups, engaged with one another by ideology, where one side wished the world would adopt one kind of economic and political ideology while the other sided wished…show more content…
Technology did threaten to end the two nations at once. Historical records show the simulations of attacks and the resulting defense measures for both sides and how at the end, not one of either country would be victorious. Therefore both the United States and the Soviet Union continued to explore science to come up with better ways of defeating their enemies. Technology and science went as far as to render basic weapons useless and instead moved to improve efficiency in operational and functional systems. Therefore, you could hear about a new detonation system that could work with any bomb or even a better and small explosive that could be used to launched nuclear or other mass destruction weapon components. As the cold war progressed and with every minute being closer to war than the previous, attention began to shift to other unexploited fields in science (Hanhimäki 673-683). Nuclear bomb technology began to be a primary feature in military functions with sites sprouting up in equal measure for both countries. Besides the scientific expansion began to look into other alternatives like hydrogen bombs which were said to be more dangerous and destructive. Both nations were not shy in the expression of their desire to destroy the other. However, the most notable move in the race for the ultimate weapon moved to space exploration where both countries turned to space to offer the new frontier in war. As such, Russia would build a spaceship and brag about

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