The World Of The Tower

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At first I was comfortable at the camp within the last safe place on Earth, the Tower. When I was going to get a meal I kept hearing rumors of a great evil growing. Guardians who have survived missions would come back barely alive. Guardians are the elite heroes who protect the Tower. The Tower is just a big ball with a city on it floating in air. That was how my mother described them. I was happy in my little space in the refugee camp. It was better than fighting as a guardian on some other world. Here, I get everything I need to survive. As time went on, you could see people getting scared and tense. More and more guardians kept going out on missions and never coming back. The person who interprets the good light or the Traveler is the…show more content…
I found him on his way to the Travelers domain. "OK, I 'll do it", I said. He smiled and told me to follow him. He brought me to the Guardian training room and introduced me to the Hunter Vanguard. With him and the Speaker, we made a schedule. In the morning, the Vanguard would train the guardians. At night he would train me. I did this for only a week. The darkness was so close to earth that that was all we could get. On the last day, the Speaker sent me to Venus. "You are to steal a piece of information from the Vex. The information is in Ishitar Sink." With this, I asked the Hangar Captain for a ship and went off to Venus. When I got there, I landed in the abandoned Ishitar Sink school. All was quiet. I had a map that told me where the information was to be found. I was surprised to see no Vex sentinels around Ishitar. Though, when I got to the information room, there were Vex everywhere. The information was in the middle of the room so it was impossible for them to not see me. Then, I had an idea. I found a piece of wood and threw it down a hallway on the right. All of the Vex went in to check it out. When the coast was clear, I rushed over and quickly downloaded the information on a drive. The seconds felt like hours as I knew the Vex would soon comeback. Finally, the download was complete and I raced out of the room. When I was out, I turned around only to see Vex chasing after me. I started running as fast as I could towards my ship. A
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