The World Of The Toy Store

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People scurried like rats through the isles of the toy store, nabbing all gadgets low-tech and high-tech until the store shelves were barren surfaces. As the dry and cold winter night was locked outside, a band of young cashiers face the stampeding last minute shoppers. An elderly woman stands next in line, clutching a box containing the latest Captain Something action figure. Upon approaching the counter, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a handful of crumpled ones, fives, and coins that reek of sweat. Her face fills with hot blood as the neatly dressed couple behind her scoff and comment about “poor people wasting everybody’s time”. The young faced and overwhelmed clerk shoots an apologetic glance towards the elderly woman as she…show more content…
He squeals as they plant kisses all over his face. Around the feeble pine tree lay small presents wrapped in paper with evidence of gnawing rats from the night before. When the final gift was opened, the parents stared in anticipation.
“It’s Captain Something! Thank you, mommy and daddy!” the boy cheered.
“No problem, baby.” the mother said, “Daddy worked really hard to get that for you. Make sure you behave and listen, okay?”
“Yes, mom,” he turns to his father and gives him a hug “thanks again, dad!”
After grabbing his new action figure and racing back to his room, the boy tears apart the cardboard prison.
Hi. What’s your name?
“My name is Ty” he starts, “I never knew that toys could talk! Especially not this kind!”
I’m a very special friend. And you’re special for finding me.
“What do you like to play? We can’t do much, but um…” Ty looks around his room “I have these other toys we can use. But they don’t talk or anything.”
How about we play a game of war?
While Ty is setting up his other toys in rows and columns, Captain Something sits motionless, staring intently at the army men, heroes, and villains being placed in formation, arch enemies working together to some unfathomable end.
“Hey, um.” Ty trailed off “Do you think that you can help set these up?”
I think you’re smart enough to know that I can’t move.
Captain Something was grabbed and made to prance about the plastic ranks, stomping

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