The World Of The War Propaganda By Alice Goldfarb Marquis

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At the beginning of the war, the British army relied on volunteers to swell the ranks, which propaganda facilitated. Newspaper articles were one of the main forms of media that spread British pro-war propaganda. Alice Goldfarb Marquis writes that the articles “were seen as powerful movers of men and women; they became mobilizers of the national spirit, calls to courage, to sacrifice and, finally, to simple endurance” (467). This statement portrays the general message of all articles: the men must have courage and be ready to make sacrifices for the greater good of their country. Describing the journalists as “powerful movers of men and women” (467) demonstrates journalists’ abilities to empower the British people to enter the war. Journalists were at the forefront of creating propaganda and influencing people to take action. Marquis describes the role of the journalist as ”‘an engineer of souls’ playing on the ‘whole keyboard of human instincts… to incite action’, and employing ‘a tremendous apparatus - the press’” (467). Referring to the journalists as “engineers of souls,” (467) makes it clear that the journalists had the ability to manipulate the people, and in this case, the journalists were inclined to “incite action,” (467) highlighting the ability of their articles to motivate people to take up arms. Furthermore, with access to the press, journalists were allowed to quickly circulate their articles around the country, allowing them to swiftly engineer the masses at

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