The World Of Theatre Arts

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The world of theatre arts is a magical place. Being able to take a story and make it come alive lights a spark in my heart. Every story brings a different kind of magic, with different characters, sets, and props. Every show is a change from the last one. The cast and crew list is reposted—a clean slate—with people switching roles like rich women switch shoes. I believe in this change. More specifically, I believe in changing my mind. Since the first day I showed up in Mr. Falch’s classroom in the eighth grade, I’ve been in the technical aspect of theatre, more commonly referred to as “behind the scenes”. Mr. Falch is a big guy, both tall and a little bit wide; he could pass as Santa Claus if he dyed his hair white. He has a booming voice, like the announcer at a wrestling match, hanging mic and all. He can look a little intimidating at first, but in reality, Mr. Falch is a giant teddy bear (except when angry), successfully earning him the nickname of “Papa Falch.” I was welcomed into his classroom, and there was no hesitation in immediately putting me to work. The show the theatre class was doing at that time was A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and working in that tiny classroom on different tasks glued me to theatre, and the end result made me never want to leave. My main focus, as a volunteer, were props. I cut set pieces out of foam sheets bigger than I was, which made an awful stench like burning rubber, but I managed to create some not-so-perfect additions to the set. I
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