The World Of Wanderlust : An Original 1935 Monopoly Board Game

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Afzoon Hakeem Professor David Beck English W313 8 September 2015 The World of Wanderlust An original 1935 Monopoly board game. A beautiful painted iron trunk. An old painting in a stunning frame. Light, airy gauze tapestries. Everything from fine china to sturdy Pyrex. The place is humming with life. Everything within the store has a sense of warmth, history, and character. My sister and I decide to visit an antique store that a family friend mentioned to us last week. I like shopping at antique stores, because unlike department stores you never know what you’ll come across. Every so often when I visit antique stores, I don’t go in for anything in particular but rather rummage through dusty shelves of broken, old things when I miraculously stumble upon a hidden treasure. I was a little disappointed when nothing really caught my eye, until I spotted a small muted tone globe sitting upon a brown round metal base, tucked away behind an old rustic cabinet in the corner of the store. It was a vintage Replogle (world’s largest manufacturer of globes) ten-inch precision globe. There is some wear on the globe and the base has some minor scratches. Overall it’s in good condition. I decided for twenty bucks it was a steal. Besides, I have always wanted a globe for my desk. I walked out of the antique shop with my most recent purchase under my arm and a very self-satisfied smirk on my face. Over lunch with my sister I couldn’t help but admire my new favorite home décor. I had

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