The World Of War : Conquest Of Land ( Political View ) Or Religion

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Introduction For centuries the human race has seen blood spilled, a presence of dark clouds over your head, with the company of great terror that follows has always brought great suffering. War is the main event that will change history for the best or worst. There are only two reasons to start or to go to war: conquest of land (political view) or religion. Terrorism has been around since the Roman Empire and the Greeks, however the term terrorism was adopted during the French Revolution in the 1700 's. Since the early days of the Roman and Greeks, there have been major changes; Europe, Germany, England and France has become a powerhouse, the United States of America has been discovered and today it is one of the most powerful and dominant countries in the world with Russia, Japan and China; major countries with valuable resources. The only place in the world that has not changed or improved is the Middle East. The Middle East for centuries has been a major problem for North African countries, Asia, as well as many European countries. From the 1900 's to the present day, the Middle East has been causing problems to the USA. The involvement of the USA with the Middle East will lead to an era of terror that will affect the US and Europe. Points of views of countries on terrorism For most countries across the world, the understanding of terrorism is more or less the same (criminal act on general population and claiming responsibility). The question proposed however is that
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