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The World of Writing Guide Opposition Most of us going through undergraduate school have a textbook to look over and read based off of the material it offers to teach. The textbook “The World of Writing: a Guide” has many problems itself to even offer a research paper as the one assigned:“to compare two of the authors in the text, and find other articles the author may have written on the same topic”. Firstly, the authors in The World of Writing: A Guide, all have different topics that they all tackle in their own way and many of the authors in the textbook wouldn’t necessarily be considered authors; Secondly,we’ve wrote other essays on almost the similar topic; Lastly, not being able to use all of our resources for research doesn’t provide real world skill. In the curriculum we’ve read six pieces of writing with six different authors. Changing Names in a Changing World, by David Mould(8), Speech on Release from Prison, by Nelson Mandela(28), When the Media is the Disaster, by Rebecca Soinit (288), Loving Hip-Hop in Morocco, by Nikki Reyna (128), Miles to Go: Why Automakers Don’t Sell a Car that gets 50 mpg, by Keith Naughton (221), and finally, Language Discrimination: A Common Theme in Education and the Work Place, by Priscilla Duran (331).All of which have a common theme in mind: Multiculturalism, each piece of writing has something to say about a different culture in their own theme. For example, Miles to Go: Why Automakers Don’t Sell a Car that gets 50 mpg, by Keith

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