The World On Body Arts

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The World on Body Arts Tattoos and the workforce do not get along together. Not within the topics themselves, but on the rules, that follow them. As body arts gets bigger, so does the conflict on where it belongs. There is a fine, but undefined line within body art and the work force. But it is has never been clearly stated anywhere. Both sides; such as the Debate over acceptability vs explicit free speech., always come up in the debate of the topic. There is no set law or regulations for the mass number of people within the work field, but instead changed regardless on the job that’s being applied for. With each job having their own set and different laws employees must follow, that’s leaving some people out for certain jobs if they are to quit or even get fired. Within many jobs, workers with the following things such as tattoos must cover up the art, or they will be written up, and have more actions take place if they continue to not follow the policy. Tattoos used to be less commonly found on people then they are in today’s world. “Life magazine estimated in 1936 that only 10% of American population was tattooed” (Elzweig, Peeples, 2011). With this being said, that was a 1:10 ratio of people who had inked on arts. This is a drastic change in what they have to display as results now and is thought to be continued to be growing over the upcoming years. A 2006 study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology of Americans aged 18 to 50 found that the

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