The World On The Terrorism

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When looking at the terrorism that ISIS has endued it has become very evident that a solution needs to be drawn into action. In my opinion the only way to take down this organization is to begin to treat it like the state that it is. A state is defined as: “a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.” ISIS has not only gained territory in Syria, Iraq and Istanbul but according to New York Times columnist, Tim Arango, “ISIS is building a capacity to govern.” In 2014, ISIS formally informed the world on their establishment of a caliphate. This caliphate is governed under Islamic beliefs and rulers. “They have begun issuing identification cards for residents, promulgating fishing guidelines to preserve stocks, and requiring that cars carry tool kits for emergencies” (Arango). Believe it or not, ISIS has been a state for two years, regardless of their lack of legitimacy, their consistent threat of violence against any of those who oppose their beliefs allows them not only to get things done, but get them done efficiently. Whether we want to accept it, ISIS is a state, and we need to treat it as such.
On the 29th of June in 2014, ISIS announced that a caliphate has been establish and the caliph was to be Caliph Ibrahim. The saying goes, “In order to kill a snake, one must cut off its head.” The head of ISIS is the caliphate in Iraq/Syria. I believe that collapsing the caliphate will collapse the organization. I have a proposed
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