The World Perception of the Muslim Culture

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Islam Throughout the known world, human beings practice various religions and hold different beliefs. Some of these systems of belief are based on some of the same works and others are created out of other books, stories, or legends. No one religion can be proven to be the only correct one and that has led to eons of fighting between religious factions, each group willing to commit acts of violence to promote their religion as superior, even willing to commit grave crimes against humanity itself in the name of religious superiority. Of all the world religions, perhaps the one that has been the most misunderstood by outsiders is the Islamic religion. Because of the unfortunate actions in the recent news committed by a handful of terrorist extremists who claim to be obeying the rule of their God, but who are in reality only bent on destruction and death, many ignorant people of the world mistakenly associate the religion with terrorism. Practitioners of Islam, called Muslims, are not violent people. The vast majority of Muslims are hard-working, caring individuals who practice kindness and decency to all living things. A closer examination of the religion, when compared to other religious practices of the western world, shows that the people and the belief system is valid and focused on peace and good works. Most people are not aware that the Koran, the religious book of the Muslim religion, is based upon the same text as Judaism and Christianity. This is just one
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