The World Politics And The Ones Obscured By It

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Abstract. This essay attempts to explore the various features of Liberalism that are explained by the world politics and the ones obscured by it. It looks into how elements like Free trade, Internationalism, Theory of Democratic Peace, Security Co-Binding have shaped global politics and how the idea of liberal and illiberal fights been obscured in the realm of global politics. The essay is concluded with a gist of how post-cold war liberalism has shaped the west and is responsible in engaging the world in a liberal order.
When we look back and try to comprehend history in order to make an understanding of the present events, there is always a difficulty in deciding which of the events of the past are more important than the rest. Which aspects of those events are more impactful and which ones hold lesser or no value. Although realism is regarded as the dominant theory of international relations, liberalism has a strong claim to being the historic alternative. Many liberal theories have attempted to understand and explain the distinctive features of the Western political order and their overall picture of the West’s future is much more optimistic than that of realism. Theories of the democratic peace, pluralistic security communities, complex interdependence, and the trading state attempt to capture distinctive features of liberal, capitalist, and democratic modern societies and their relations. The aim of the essay is to explore the features of Liberalism

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